Tech Advances...

but there's no need to fear the machines

As of April 2019, I'm working on a piece on the carbon trade for the G.E.T. (Green Energy Times) newsletter in Vermont.

Later in the year, I should begin to offer special drone services locally (Cohasset, MA).

I carry a license from the FAA to fly unmanned aircraft under 14 CFR part 107, and I live near the eastern coastline of Massachusetts.

Things I Can Do

For two years I spent most of my time studying bioelectromagnetics, including magnetoreception. These are subjects covered cursorily by entries on Wikipedia, but extensively via published science. It is a relatively new discipline.

A Few Accomplishments

I built a brain stimulator of cheap electronic parts, and used it to experiment on myself. It had definite, noticeable cognitive effects. I did not continue with regular usage of it the way some have done, but the experience was enough to validate the perspective that NIBS will supercede drugs altogether, and that this transformation has begun. Several scientists and many other advocates espouse this view; it provides a welcome counterbalance to the revelations now emerging around the human body's sensitivities to radio. I hope to see integration of these achievements wholly complete in my lifetime. NIBS, tDCS, tACS, rTMS, and so on.... Search these things; read what you can via indexed sources through the NCBI Portal, which is part of our government's tremendous public health budget.